初心者:Syzygy of the Beginner

Hip hop project with D.Dahlinger. Coming very soon...

The first song, "Not the Point of No Return," was published in Tokyo Poetry Journal (vol 3, Fall 2016) and was released through their Soundcloud page. Have a listen here.

Check out some of D's productions  on Soundcloud here. His latest album of instrumental tracks, titled Exquisite Spirits, came out through the label Cold Busted in summer of 2018, and his previous solo album Brisk Temps (2016) is also phenomenal.


  1.  Not the Point of No Return(恋は文盲)

  2.  Poison the Lions・ライオンを毒殺せよ

  3.  Death So Pretty・素敵な死去

  4.  I Want Magic・魔法が欲しい

  5.  Revolution of the Wolves・狼の革命

  6.  Clearly Not Merely a Blankspace・無・空白

  7.  Uglycide・ぶっ殺 

  8.  Naked Angels Didn't Descend・裸天使が降臨しなかった

  9.  A Thing of Novelty・新たな何か

D and I dropped by the Mega Late Show podcast out of Tokyo in July 2018 to talk about hip hop, life in Japan, writing lyrics between English and Japanese and the album project.