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Jordan A. Y. Smith

Just doing whatever.


Literary Translations

Yoshimasu Gōzō, Furukawa Hideo, Nagae Yūki,

Mizuta Noriko, Kanie Naha, Miki Yuuri, 

Nomura Kiwao, Fuzuki Yumi, Misumi Mizuki

Translation has become my favorite way to read a poem, to pass it through my neurons, leaving them altered in route. Read more about a few projects below. Many more coming soon...

Poetry x Music x Performance

Poetry, music and performance are inseparable for me -- or at least, I can't seem to do poetry that stays on a page.

Academic Research

Comparative Literature x Japanese Studies x Translation Studies

My research stems from the things I do and love, or that shock and freak me out. Projects situate such "things" within larger contexts and currents

Click to read more about global comedy and humor theory, translationscapes, and Heisei poetics projects.

For updates, please follow my work on

Life in and around global classrooms

Working with students is how I stay committed to this world. Courses include traditional academic lectures as well as study abroad and experiential learning.

The photo on the right is from a course on novel and film in Japan, teaming up with Shochiku Studios and Ritsumeikan University as part of a three-week summer intensive travel study program for California State University Long Beach.

Until 2022, I was Associate Professor of International Humanities at Josai International University. Recently, lecturing at UCLA in the Department of Asian Languages & Cultures.

Music / Album Projects

初心者:Syzygy of the Beginner

Album is underway in collaboration with producer, D.Dahlinger. Live shows with Samm Bennett, Habu Hiroshi, and others in the Tokyo area. More coming soon....

Uniting various awesome humans 

for various awesome reasons.

At universities, art galleries, cafés, museums, cultural centers, bookstores, and research institutes, I regularly coordinate events involving academics, authors, artists, filmmakers, anime industry folks, and more.

Please get in touch if you've got ideas and would like put something together. I frequently collaborate with others to sew inspiration among the masses.


Project Management, Branding/Strategy, Communication, Curating, Copywriting and more

Need something like the above? Happy to help.

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