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by Jordan A. Y. Smith


Bilingual poetry written in response to works of art by Aida Makoto, Mad Dog Jones, Amano Yoshitaka, Kondoh Akino, Eliza Frye, Tanada Koji, Ikeda Manabu, and Yamaguchi Akira

Excerpt featured in Tokyo Weekender

Many thanks to the Mizuma Art Gallery for their incredible support. I enjoyed traveling with several of the artists to New Mexico in 2014 for a series of gallery talks. In some ways, that moment was the genesis of the book. 

Also thanks to DIESEL Art Gallery for the opportunity to work with Mad Dog Jones on his premiere exhibition there in Fall of 2019. 

The poems are:

  1.  Not the Point of No Return(恋は文盲)

  2.  Poison the Lions・ライオンを毒殺せよ

  3.  Death So Pretty・素敵な死去

  4.  Revolution of the Wolves・狼の革命

  5.  Clearly Not Merely a Blankspace・無・空白

  6.  Uglycide・ぶっ殺 

  7.  Naked Angels Didn't Descend・裸天使が降臨しなかった

  8.  A Thing of Novelty・新たな何か

They were performed and recorded under the name Eighpse (pronounced like "apes") over beats by D.Dahlinger. All music available on:

Amazon Music

Apple Music




D and I dropped by the Mega Late Show podcast out of Tokyo in July 2018 to talk about hip hop, life in Japan, writing lyrics between English and Japanese and the album project.


Book available on Amazon or through the publisher, Awai Books.

ISBN 978-1937220075

Copyright 2020 by the author.




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