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Poison the Lions

Poetry Performances

Past events (stopped updating 2018, but remain active): 


Institute of World Literature Harvard University's month-long summer session held at University of Tokyo July 2018. Multilingual poetry reading hosted by Suga Keijiro.

ShunDoku 2018 reading with the living legend Tanikawa Shuntaro at Crocodile in Harajuku/Shibuya.

Tokyo Boys Collection February 2018, hosted by the inimitable Mano Miki. Ten men, reading poetry.

Poetry LAB0 in Nishi-Okubo, with poetry unit ATTA in October 2017 and July 2017

Tanabata: THE SEVENTH SENSE: Love Songs from the Erotic Orbits at TERRATORIA on Tennoz Isle on July 7, 2017. Co-authored performance scenario with Chris Mosdell.

Poetry Slam Japan - National Finalist 2018. 2017: 2nd place in National Finals

Ero-poetry (Ero読) on June 24, 2017 at Ruby Room in Shibuya.

SPIRIT featured poet May 2017 at long-running poetry event hosted by Poetry Slam Japan champion Oshima Takeo.

Guizhou Poetry Festival May 2016, original reading and translations of Mizuta Noriko.


Published Projects

Rhythm, as lifestyle.

Environment, as us.

War, as our end.

Sexuality, as health and savior.

Critical theory, as a necessary headtrip.

Work, as pervertable ethic.

Education, as the arena where the above are determined.

My poetry tends to derive from musical thought and experience. Since I spend most of my time dealing with the things above, that's mostly what I write about.

The poem on the top left, "Poison the Lions," is part of a Global Villains series, which adopts and channels the most venomous voices on planet Earth today and puts them into dialogue as a kind of critical spotlight. (Published originally in Tokyo Poetry Journal, vol. 2, Spring 2016). This series is starting to appear in journals and in my music. The goal is a book/album project in conjunction with the 初心者: Syzygy of the Beginner album.

I'm also working on a series based on the theme of juken (受験, or the Japanese word for test-taking). Why use the Japanese term? Partly because that's where I encountered it, but partly because the concept is rather different in Japan. Working with the Center Exam for two years, I saw a lot of things that needed to become poems. The series goes on, but the first five are in the most recent World Poetry Almanac.

I've published a handful of poems in obscure but plucky zines such as Random Agenda, and in journals like Genre ("An Artist at War"), Tokyo Poetry Journal ("Poison the Lions"; "Not the Point of No Return"; "I Hate the Way Kings Whisper") and several poems in the Fluxus x ToPoJo Uta-awase), World Poetry Almanac ("Five Poems from the Juken Series"), and Carillon Street ("本郷x贵州xプエルトリコ" and "Mechanical Jazz Ballads").


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