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√IC: Redux

Kanie Naha, Jordan A. Y. Smith, Nagae Yūki

カニエ ナハ、ジョーダン・A.Y.・スミス、永方佑樹

(Tokyo: Excursions by ToPoJo, 2018)

An imprint series from Tokyo Poetry Journal.

ISBN 978-193360647-7

Copyright 2018 by the authors.


Cover design: Kanie Naha x Yubina.


Orders can be placed through (or just contact me directly).

The volume is a redux of Kanie's IC and of two volumes by Nagae (primarily her √3), as well as some previously unpublished works. All Japanese poems from the two appear in English translation by Smith. The volume also includes a bilingual poem by Smith and a multilingual matrix by Nagae. Remixes (√) are written as helix poems with Smith writing in between the lines of Nagae and Kanie's Japanese originals, then translating the interwoven Japanese lines into his English translations.



Kanie Naha:

    塔                              Tower

    剥製                           Taxidermy

    亀                                    Turtle

    狐                                    Fox


    狐にカケル                √ Betting on or Multiplying by Fox       

Kanie Naha:

   IC  (Part I: IX tanka & prose poems)



   【無】空白: Clearly Not Merely a Blank Space


Smith/Nagae Yūki:                                                                    

               ダウンロードおよび再交錯   √ Download and Remix


Nagae Yūki:

     再起動およびアップロード         Reboot and Upload

     はるけぶり                    Misty Spring Dawn  

     スーブニール・モルタル地層      Mortar Stratum of Memories

     ユーカラの夜                                     Night of the Yukar

     まつり囃子とプラズマ                  Festival Musicians and Plasma

     トウキョウ・デコラティブ        Tokyo Décoratif

     渋谷ディニスクランブル              Shibuya Dini Scramble

     からくり                                              Apparatus

     Blue & Water                                       Blue & Water

     √ Absentee Cities: Blue & Water

           多言語・Multilingual version


About the Authors


Kanie Naha:

     小石                                  à Pebble

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