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Editing and Translating with Tokyo Poetry Journal

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Since 2016, I've served as the Japanese Poetry Editor and Managing Editor for Tokyo Poetry Journal (ToPoJo to our friends).

This involves translating a wide variety of poets and most recently guest editing volume 4: "Heisei Generations," featuring work by poets who debuted during the current Heisei Era (1989 –).

The volume, published June 2017, includes  poetry from some of the most exciting and lauded poets in/from/through Japan today.

(* indicates poets I translated for the volume)


* Saihate Tahi 最果タヒ

* Hachikai Mimi 蜂飼耳

Minamikawa Yuko 南川優子

* Kuwahara Takiya 桑原滝弥

* Misumi Mizuki 三角みづ紀

* Kanie Naha カニエナハ

Tian Yuan 田原

* Nagae Yuki 永方佑樹

Akegata Misei 暁方ミセイ

Jeffrey Angles

* Andrew Campana

* Hirokawa Chiaki 廣川ちあき

* Nakauchi Komoru 中内こもる

Oshima Takeo 大島健夫

* Ishiwata Kimi 石渡紀美

* Fuzuki Yumi 文月悠光

Tanaka Atsusuke 田中宏輔

Noguchi Ayako 野口あや子

Suzuno Umine 涼野海音

Ōsaki Sayaka 大崎清夏

Tanaka Yosuke, 田中庸介

Matsuoka Miya 松岡宮

Satō Ayaka 佐藤文香

Kōno Satoko 河野聡子

Yamada Ryota 山田亮太

Yada Kazuhiro 矢田和啓


* Michiyama Rain 道山れいん

Contributing translators include Jeffrey Angles, Kyoko Yoshida, Andrew Campana, Nihei Chikako, Andrew Houwen, Jeffrey Johnson, and Kubo Mitsuhiko.

The volume is introduced by my essay, “Heisei Generations: Poetic Function & Anti-Function in an Era of Abdication,” and is bolstered by Andrew Campana’s introduction to a section featuring his excellent translations of highly innovative poets, “Poetry on Every Platform in 2010s Japan.”

We also featured reviews by Barbara Summerhawk of Jeffrey Angles’ These Things Here and Now: Poetic Responses to the March 11, 2011 Disasters, Kathryn Tanaka on Hirato Renkichi’s Spiral Staircase, Taylor Mignon on Philip Rowland’s Something Other Than Other.


Launch party was held July 1, 2017 at Tokyo Salon (B1 of Las Chicas in Omotesando).

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