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University Courses Taught: 


  • Spirits and Spirituality in Japanese Film

  • Washoku / Japanese Food Culture

  • Science Fiction in Japanese Film & Anime

  • Digital Literature: Multimedia Art, Narrative, and Culture

  • Who’s There? Questions of the Other (Enlightenment to the Present)

  • Narrating Politics: Genesis, Apocalypse, Utopia in the Nuclear Age

  • Exoticism and the Ideology of Aesthetics

  • Discursive Foundations of City and Society

  • Sex, God, Politics in the Global “Middle Ages”

  • Transnationalism and Migration in Contemporary Lit.

  • Graduate Seminar: Teaching Assistant Pedagogy/Training

  • Interdisciplinary Academic Writing (Advanced)

  • Transnational Cinema and Cultural Studies

  • Transnationalism in the Americas

  • Internationalizing Cultural Studies

  • Cultural Studies Approaches to Self and Society

  • Heisei Literature and Post-Bubble Japan

  • Cultural Responses to Crisis in Modern Japan: Pacific War to 2011

  • Japanese Literature, Manga, Anime

  • Japanese Civilization

  • Consuming Japan: Alienation/Revolution/Salvation

  • Urban Culture in East Asia

Waseda University

  • Global Science Fiction 

  • Research Fundamentals

  • Contemporary Japanese Literature

Sophia University

  • Cultural Responses to Crisis in Modern Japan

  • Comedy and Humor Theory in Japanese Literature

  • Modern to Contemporary Japanese Poetry

Josai International University

  • Academic Research Methods (Graduate Seminar)

  • Branding Strategy (Graduate Seminar)

  • Japanese-English Literary Translation (Graduate Seminar)

  • Fundamentals of Japanese Literature for Translation (翻訳のための日本文学概論) (Graduate Seminar)

  • 喜劇とユーモア論 (Comedy and Humor Theory) (Graduate Seminar)

  • 東アジアのコメディー映像 (Comedy Film in East Asia) (Graduate Seminar; taught in Japanese)

  • Japanese-English Interpretation (Graduate Seminar)

  • Start-up Culture in Japan (Graduate Seminar)

  • Japanese Literature (Year-long course: Sem. 1: Modern; Sem. 2: Classical)

  • Japanese Animation

  • Japanese Art and Literature

  • Japan and Asia

  • Japan from International Perspectives

  • 世界の中の日本 (Japan in the World; taught in Japanese)

  • Modern Japanese History

  • 世界文学と翻訳 (World Literature and Translation Studies; taught in Japanese)

California State University, Long Beach

  • Transnation / Translation (Graduate Seminar)

  • East Asian Modernizations and Eco-cultures (Graduate Seminar)

  • Modernizing World Mythologies (Graduate Seminar)

  •  Comic Spirit

  •  Literature and Music

  •  Reading the World

  •  Study Abroad: Novel and Film in Society (Japan)

Roger Williams University

  • East Asian Modernities

  • Introduction to World Literature

  • Literature and Philosophy

  • Advanced Literary Theory

  • Study Abroad: Japanese Literature and Culture (2012)

  • Study Abroad: Image+Myth+Narrative in Modern Japan (2013)

University of California, Riverside

  • Love and Death in Modern Japanese Literature

  • Music and Visual Culture in Modern Japanese Society

  • History of Japanese Popular Culture

  • Advanced Readings in Japanese Literature (4th Year)

  • Intermediate Japanese (3rd Year)

Pepperdine University

  • Modern Japanese History

  • Modern Japanese Literature

  • Sources of Asian Cultural Tradition

  • Japanese and Asian Film

  • Great Books of East Asia

Korea University

  • English for Computational Linguistics 

  • English as a Foreign Language 



Josai International Univ (2014 - 2022)

Assoc Prof of International Humanities

California State Univ, Long Beach 2012-2014

Asst Prof of Comparative World Lit

Roger Williams Univ, 2011-2012

Asst Prof of World Literature

Visiting Positions:

UCLA 2010-2024

Asian Languages & Cultures; Comparative Literature

Sophia University (Tokyo) 2017~

           Faculty of Liberal Arts

Waseda University 2019-2020

           Japanese Cultures Program

UC Riverside 2008-2009

Japanese Literature & Language

Pepperdine Univ 2007-2008

Japanese and Asian Studies

Korea University 2000-2001

English as a Foreign Language

Teaching Awards:


CSU Long Beach – College of Liberal Arts Student Council Faculty Award 2011


California State Univ., Long Beach – Most Inspirational Faculty Award 2010

UCLA, Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award 2008





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